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Aldila Value Series Shafts

The Aldila Value series are the perfect solution for golfers looking for an affordable shaft. Aldila Value Series shafts are the first step in Aldila performance progression. Aldila Value Series shafts make entry into graphite shafts an affordable option when looking for industry leading, Aldila quality and performance. These 100% graphite shafts have been designed for beginning through above average golfers. The combination flex VX shafts allow for precision custom fitting. Aldila’s Value series offers the best feel and performance available today. Value so often means poor quality but Aldila have found something that is both cost-effective and high performing, a rare combination in the high-tech world of golf shafts.

How do you decide on whether Aldila Value Series shafts are right for you? It’s simple, go to a club fitter to get fit, just like the Professionals do. You’ll be happily surprised but the results if you can find a top-notch club fitter.

Additional Info

Aldila Shafts recommend trimming the driver shaft to length from the butt.  Tip fairway woods 1″, then trim to length from the butt.  For hosels with bore-depths greater than 2″, and they recommend blind-boring the shaft in the hosel 1 3/4″.
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Aldila Shafts Technology

Aldila Shafts Technology

Aldila shafts feature some of the most state-0f-the-art technology in any golf shaft. Find out more about what drives your Aldila shaft.

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We’ve been selling Aldila shafts for over 10 years to professionals, low handicap amateurs and weekend hackers.  Find out why you can trust to buy your shafts for you

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