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Aldila Trinity Shafts

Aldila Trinity shafts combine all 3 Aldila patented design technologies (RIP, S-core and Micro Laminate) into a single shaft design and resulting in one powerful golf shafts suitable for explosive players.  Maximum control through the use of RIP Technology®, stability through S-core Technology® and the ‘perfect feel’ provided by Micro Laminate Technology® fuse together to make one of the most technologically advanced graphite shafts the golf industry has ever seen.  These 3 shaft design technologies continue to be the most popular in play on Tour year after year.  Now together in a single shaft design for the first time, the Aldila Trinity shafts offer unparalleled performance and will take your game to new heights if fit properly. offers up their review of Aldila Trinity shafts:

This shaft is for mid to low handicapped players, or anyone who has a consistent enough swing to benefit from a premium golf shaft. Stand alone these shafts will run you about $200, or $400-$450 in the Callaway Razr Fit Driver. With a mid-launch, for players who already hit a high ball they may want to consider something with a higher kick point like the RIP line, but definitely give this shaft a shot before moving on. Even players with higher launches are making the switch. Also, don’t let the higher torque numbers fool you, this shaft isn’t just for smoother swings, the shaft keeps up and responds well for a variety of swing types and speeds.

Additional Info

Aldila Shafts recommend trimming the driver shaft to length from the butt.  Tip fairway woods 1″, then trim to length from the butt.  For hosels with bore-depths greater than 2″, and they recommend blind-boring the shaft in the hosel 1 3/4″.
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Aldila Shafts Technology

Aldila Shafts Technology

Aldila shafts feature some of the most state-0f-the-art technology in any golf shaft. Find out more about what drives your Aldila shaft.

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We’ve been selling Aldila shafts for over 10 years to professionals, low handicap amateurs and weekend hackers.  Find out why you can trust to buy your shafts for you

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