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Aldila Tour Series JV Shafts

Aldila Tour Series JV shafts (Green and Blue) have been designed especially for the Asian market, one of the few golf markets in the world that is still experiencing growth, especially in China.  The Aldila Tour series JV shafts utilize the latest materials and manufacturing technology to create a new shaft series designed to maximize the power of Asians who play golf.  The constant taper shaft profile provides exceptional feel and a smooth, controlled release.  Both Aldila Tour series JV shafts are made with the latest generation of Aldila’s Micro Laminate materials (MLT®). The ultra thin, ultra strong material allows for the construction of a shaft with outstanding performance and unparalleled consistency.

We haven’t yet tested this shaft with it’s target demographic but we came across one player who’s an 18 handicap who said they experienced an additional 20 yards off the tee after being fit for the Aldila Tour series JV shafts. Prior to these shafts he was using a Miyazaki Indigo series shaft.

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Aldila Shafts recommend trimming the driver shaft to length from the butt.  Tip fairway woods 1″, then trim to length from the butt.  For hosels with bore-depths greater than 2″, and they recommend blind-boring the shaft in the hosel 1 3/4″.
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Aldila Shafts Technology

Aldila Shafts Technology

Aldila shafts feature some of the most state-0f-the-art technology in any golf shaft. Find out more about what drives your Aldila shaft.

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