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Aldila Tour Blue Shafts

The new Aldila Tour Blue shafts offers the same advanced performance of the Tour Green shafts with a softer tip section to promote higher ball flight.  The constant taper shaft profile provides exceptional feel and a smooth, controlled release.  The Tour Blue is also made with the latest generation of Aldila’s Micro Laminate materials (MLT®). The ultra thin, ultra strong material allows for the construction of a shaft with outstanding performance and unparalleled consistency.

As with the Aldila Green shafts, the Aldila Tour Green Blue shafts get a good rating on, who have this to say about the shaft:

Both the Tour Green and Tour Blue shafts looks amazing with their color-coded circuitboard graphics that seem to drip down the shaft from beneath the grip. Aldila used the circuit board graphic to demonstrate all of the tech that went into creating these shafts, a nice touch in an area of golf equipment where premium materials and constructions can often go unnoticed. Another great part about having the graphics high on the shaft is that they creates minimal distraction and contrast for golfers who have a driver that may not match the Aldila Tour blue shafts and green shafts.


Additional Info

Aldila Shafts recommend trimming the driver shaft to length from the butt.  Tip fairway woods 1″, then trim to length from the butt.  For hosels with bore-depths greater than 2″, and they recommend blind-boring the shaft in the hosel 1 3/4″.
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Aldila Shafts Technology

Aldila Shafts Technology

Aldila shafts feature some of the most state-0f-the-art technology in any golf shaft. Find out more about what drives your Aldila shaft.

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