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Aldila Shafts

Here’s every Aldila product on one page for your convenience.  It includes the latest products, the Tour Blue and Tour Green, the Asian spec Tour Series JV and Aldila classics such as the Voodoo, NV and DVS.  Whatever your handicap, whatever your swing type, whatever your flight characteristics and ball flights are, Aldila shafts will have golf shafts for you.  It’s not just just touring Pro’s who are seeing huge distance gains and improved control by using Aldila golf shafts, it’s weekend hackers, serious amateurs and pretty much every golfer who gets fit with Aldila shaft sees the differences.  You must find a qualified club fitter though, the right one can make a big difference to your game and get you shooting lower scores immediately.  Aldila golf Shafts has a list of world-class cub fitters in the Asia Pacific region and also in North America, so if you need help finding a fitter, just let us know.  Don’t have time to get fit?  Just let us know your desired ball flight and current swing traits and we’ll be able to to give you some advice on what golf shafts might work best for you.